Revisiting an old drawing from last fall.

Lots of goodies up for grabs! Get it while it’s hot! :)

Part of a new project that I’m working on. Stay tuned for the rest. :)

Copyright Lenau Studios 2013.


Marilyn Monroe, from a class at KCAD last fall. The assignment was to create a distorted portrait of a celebrity. Twas fun. :)

J. Lenau, Copyright 2012

Starting Today.

Hi. I’m Joanna. I’m a 21 year old wife, mom, student and illustrator living in Michigan. I started this blog as a way to have fun/motivate myself to draw more often.

Starting today, I’ll be posting bits and pieces from my sketchbook and what I’m working on. The biggest way I can improve is if I keep practicing and getting feedback from others, and hopefully this blog will help me to do just that.

- J